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This facility is provided at Main Branch Akola & Jaistambh Branch Amravati.
Demat Account Opening
The Client can open a demat account with CDSL. The procedures for opening demat account in CDSL are simple. The client who wishes to open a demat account with Akola Urban Cooperative bank Ltd, can open two types of account:
  • Individual Account
  • Corporate Account
An individual Account either Resident or Non Resident can be in the name of an individual, Karta or Minor. The proof of address, proof of PAN card as well as proof of identity of all the account holders is required while opening a new demat account which should be self attested. Any one of the following documents should be submitted as proof of Identity.
(PAN compulsory for all demat accounts)
A. Proof of Identity:
  • 1. Passport.
  • 2. Voter ID card.
  • 3. Driving License.
  • 4. PAN card with photograph.
B. Identity card/document with applicant's Photo issued by:
  • Central/state Government and its department.
  • Statutory/Regulatory Authorities.
  • Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Scheduled Commercial Banks.
  • Public Financial Institutions.
  • Colleges affiliated to Universities.
  • Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, Bar Council etc, to their Members and Credit cards/ Debit cards with photographs issued by Bank.
  • Credit cards/Debit cards issued by Banks.
Any one of the following documents should be submitted as proof of address:
A. Proof of Address:
  • Ration Card.
  • Passport.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Driving License.
  • Bank Passbook.
  • Leave and License agreement/ Agreement for Sale.
  • Verified Copies of:
    o Electricity bills (not more than 2 months old)
    o Residence Telephone bills (not more than 2 months old).
B. Identity card/document with address, issued by:
  • Central/State Government and its departments.
  • Statutory /Regulatory Authorities.
  • Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Scheduled Commercial Banks.
  • Public Financial Institutions.
  • Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student).
  • Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, Bar Council etc, to their members.
Kindly note that an account of the minor, has to be in the sole name of the minor only. No joint holder for such account is permitted by CDSL. Similarly for a HUF account there cannot be a joint holding. The account has to be opened in the sole name of the HUF only.
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The following are the requirements for opening the corporate account. CDSL does not permit the demat accounts in the name of partnership firm or proprietorship firm. Hence for partnership/proprietorship accounts, the demat account can be in the name of the partners/proprietors and not in the name of the firm. The following documents are required to be submitted along with the demat corporate account opening form:
  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Board Resolution for opening the Demat Account and the list of authorized signatories along with their specimen signatures and photographs, etc.
  • Proof of address of the corporate, evidenced by the document registered with Registrar of Companies or acknowledged copy of Income Tax Return or Bank Statement or Leave License Agreement/ Agreement for Sale.
  • Proof of identity and proof of address of the authorized signatories is required.
  • Company's common seal is required on the Resolution copy, the Account opening form for corporate and also on the DP-Client Agreement.
A client can avail of the nomination facility for his /her demat account. You can nominate at the time of account opening itself or any time in the future by filling the nomination form. A nomination can be changed at any time by filling the same form. By availing of the nomination facility, the nominee is entitled to receive shares outstanding in the name of the deceased client. However the following categories of investors cannot nominate:
  • Minor accounts.
  • HUF accounts.
  • Power of attorney holders.
  • Accounts in the name of society, trust body corporate.
However in CDSL, in case of minor account, the guardian can make a nomination on behalf of the minor. Please contact us at user dmat_akolaurban@rediffmail.com or call -0724-2422077 Fax: 0724-2422296
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Sr. Type of Services charges
1 Account opening charges Nil
2 Custody Charges Nil
3 Annual Maintenance Charges Rs.150/- p.a.
4 Buying Charges Free
5 Selling Charges Min Rs. 15/- or 0.02% of M.V.
6 Demat Charges Rs.5/- / Rs.10/- per certi + postage
7 Remat (Quantity 100 shares) Rs.20/- per 100 qty + postage
8 Pledge Charges Rs.25/- per Script
9 Net Access Charges (Easi) Free
10 Additional statement charges Rs. 5/- per page

Service Tax on & above the charges will be applicable as per Statutory requirement
(PAN compulsory for all demat accounts)
Dematerialization is the process of converting the securities held in physical form (certificates) to an equivalent number in electronic form and crediting the same to the beneficiary account of the client
  • The client who wishes to get his demat shares converted from physical to electronic form has to submit duly defaced Share certificate along with the Demat Request Form(DRF) to his/her Depository Participant(DP).
  • Ensure that the security mentioned on the certificate is eligible for Demat and is listed with CDSL. You can check the eligibility at our DP office branch.
  • The client should deface the certificates by affixing the stamps of Surrendered for demat on the shares. This stamp is available at any of the DP Branches. However it is advisable to deface the certificates only after confirming the eligibility of the shares. The list of shares available for demat is available at any of our branches.
  • Separate DRFs are to be filled for each company having a unique International Security Identification Number (ISIN). All the holders should sign on the DRF. The client should sign on the DRF exactly in the same manner as the sign registered with the Issuer or Registrar. In case if the signature registered with the DP is different to that registered with the Registrars than, it is advisable for both the signatures to be made on the DRF.
  • The shares received by Akola urban Bank are then entered in the system and send to the respective Registrar/company. The normal time the Registrar/ Company confirms / rejects a demat request is within 15 days from the date of receipt of physical shares.
  • To check whether your account has been credited, you can call the demat department on the tel nos. Mentioned below or you could log on to easi facility for viewing your account holding. Alternatively you can also visit our branches to view your current balances.
  • In case your account does not get credited within 30days of submission of the shares you can either call us on the telephone nos. mentioned below or send us an email on user_dmat_akolaurban@rediffmail.com quoting your client ID, the name of the security and the date of submission at the branch.
Your demat request may get rejected for various reasons either at the Demat Head Office or by the Registrar. The shares rejected by the Registrar are dispatched by them to the DP head Office. The rejected shares are then couriered by Akola Urban Bank directly to the residence of the client for necessary rectification, stating the reason for rejection. The client may rectify the error and resubmit the shares with a fresh DRF.
In case of transposition – cum - dematerialization, the client can get securities dematerialized in the same account if the names appearing on the certificates match with the names, in which the account has been opened, but are in a reverse order. The client can submit the security certificates along with the Transposition Form (Annexure OA) and DRF.
In case of death of one or more of the joint holders, the surviving joint holder(s) can get the name of the deceased removed from the security certificate(s) and get them dematerialized by submitting the security certificates along with the Transmission Form (Annexure OB) and the DRF.
Rematerialisation is a process by which a beneficiary can convert the electronic balances in his account into physical share certificates. On Remat the Investor will get new certificates with new folio and certificate number. This entire Remat procedure normally takes 30 days. No trading is possible on the securities sent for remat.
The Procedure for conversion of Mutual Fund units into dematerialized form through the Bank DP for CDSL is given below:
  • The Client desirous of converting mutual fund units represented by Statement of account into dematerialized form shall submit to the DP the Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form (MF-DRF) along with the Statement of account showing the holding of mutual fund units. The specimen of Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form (MF-DRF) is given as Annexure-C.
  • Separate Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form for each folio number must be submitted by the demat account holder.
  • Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form for lock-in and free units under the same ISIN should be also be taken separately from the client.
  • It must also be ensured that the mutual fund units submitted for conversion is admitted for demat.
  • The Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form submitted by the client is completely filled and duly signed. The name in the demat account held should be in the same pattern of holding mentioned on the Statement of Account and Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form.
  • The number of pages of statement of account mentioned on the Mutual Fund Destatementization Request Form should be verified.
  • The AMC/RTA will after due verification confirm the conversion request sent by the Department, and credit the mutual fund units in the client‘s account.
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